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Each Trinity Chaplet is hand-strung on the finest quality nylon beading cord, chosen because nylon stretches much less than silk.  The cord is color-coordinated to compliment the chaplet. 


The chaplets are hand-knotted between beads for strength and durability.  Although Trinity Chaplets are constructed to last through years of prayer, the nature of any cord is to stretch, and there is always the possibility of accidental breakage.  Therefore, we offer free lifetime restringing of any Trinity Chaplet.  No receipt is required to obtain a free restringing – we keep pictorial records of all the chaplets we create.


A little bit more about the creation of the Trinity Chaplets – we choose our materials with care, and with an eye to the durability and beauty of the finished product.  Examples of some of the materials used in our chaplets: Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Crystal Pearls; Czech crackle glass; hand-painted, fire-polished, and hand-blown glass; hand-made beach glass; sterling silver, silver-filled, and silver plated beads; gold-filled and gold plated beads; crystal; natural stones and minerals, such as agate and jasper;  jade (raw and dyed); miracle glass; porcelain and ceramic; South American tree seeds and seeds from other sources; pottery; copper; antiqued brass and bronze; Chinese cloisonné; hand-crafted Japanese wood beads; natural and colored wood beads; and vintage elements.


We hope the care we take in the conception and construction of each Trinity Chaplet adds to the beauty of your prayer experience, although we are well aware that the most beautiful part will always be communing with God in prayer. 


Request a quote now for your customized Trinity Chaplet!

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